The Timbers Old Greenwood | Anna + Joe

June 13, 2024


The Timbers Old Greenwood wedding venue is a mix of modern and cozy, nestled in Truckee amongst the expansive pines with epic views of the Sierra Mountains. I feel like sometimes you have to sacrifice sacrifice a cozy warm environment for modern elements, but this was not the case.  There was a beautiful melting of the two that created an inviting space with modern touches that elevated the experience. This beautiful venue sits atop a gorgeous sprawling golf course and pines. The space is fully set up with a beautiful getting ready space, two open rooms with exposed wood beams and high ceilings.  The reception space has doors that completely open to catch the fresh mountain air.  What a dream space to hold an event, especially Anna and Joes incredible day!

Anna and Joe set the bar high. This gorgeous duo have a deep love and respect for each other that is immediately evident.  The tone for the day was full of vulnerable heart felt moments.  Their ceremony and vows were full of  personal touches, laughter, light hearted moments and touching stories of commitment. Following their sweet ceremony ceremony all their friends and family lined up outside the front of the church for a flower petal toss.

From there we got to sneak away for some couples portraits in the beautiful forrest a few yards away from the cocktail hour. They made their grand entrance into a high energy dance set, the energy was contagious. Dinner and mingling soon followed after, and then we went into a series of incredible toast which is always my favorite part of a wedding. I love all the complex emotions and reactions that come from them.  The couple followed the toast with a touching speech and the groom shared a letter Anna had written to him many years ago talking about this day.  We then snuck away escorted by golf cart to a beautiful overlook where we took some golden hour portraits.

This beautiful day and The Timbers Old Greenwood inspired me beyond! I’m so excited to share this amazing day.  Thank you so much Anna and Joe!



Vendor Team

Venue | The Timbers

Make-up + Hair | La Di Da Beauty

Wedding Planner | Married Poppins

Florist | Flourish

Music | Milton Merlos

Catering | The Timbers

Cake | Paris Custom Cakes

Linens | Creative Coverings

Photographer | Kirsten Zarek

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